I can tell the story that you didn’t realise you had!

 –  Video  /  Photo  –

 My name is Tim, a 20 something creative residing in Leeds, Yorkshire, where I live with my wife.
     I seek to make simple but honest films with a focus on simplicity and by investing my time and attention in my clients to help them grow on an affordable budget.
   Video is surprisingly underused, because of budgets, lack of resources and poor understanding of the capability that video has to start and make movements……I want to change that.
Meeting your visual communications needs since 2013

– Testimonials –

Chad Johnson – Come&Live Founder
“Tim has been a massive help to us in ensuring we deliver the highest quality project possible. He’s been a joy to work with and I highly recommend his professionalism, timeliness and passion.”

Dave Lodge – CVM UK Creative Director
“We have used Tim a number of times as a camera operator at our ‘The Gathering’ annual festival. He also did a great job at directing and mixing the cameras, as well as helping with installing the cameras and troubleshooting issues during set up. We’re looking forward to working with him again.”

Phil Thomas – Transformations Leeds Director
“Tim has always been very professional and easy to work with.  He listened well and understood what we wanted from the video.  He took footage at the event easily and without being a distraction.  He completed the videos on time and made a edits that we requested quickly.  The end product is something that we have used a lot and has been really helpful for us. “

Nathan Shipley – NCYH Team Leader
“We paid for Tim’s services and he threw in his energy, incredible attention to detail and insightful reflections. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him. Employ Tim now, thank us later!”
Sam Evans – Gateway Church Leeds Leader

“Tim was really receptive to our ideas, but also brought great ideas of his own, making the video really professional.  It was a pleasure to work with him and we’ll be using him again…”

Keith Hobbs – Managing Director Fresssh Image
“Tim has carried out still & video photography work for our company Fresssh Image. Fresssh Image undertakes Design & Custom installation for the UK hospitality sector.
The quality of Tim’s work, along with his interpretive & presentational skills, is excellent. Tim’s friendly disposition & willingness to go that extra mile in gaining your complete satisfaction are beyond reproach.
Give Tim a call you will not be disappointed.”

Thomas Holmes – Producer
“100% committed to the shooting process of the film. He know’s his sound. Hope to work
with him again in the not too distant future.”

Chris Clarkson – Senior Lecturer Leeds Beckett University
“Keen to learn, who readily absorbs information. He was always punctual and works steadily, both on his own and as a team member. 
Based upon Tim’s personal, and academic performance, I can recommend him without reservation.”